For all things football trust Future Lions to deliver the very best. The principle of all Future Lions courses is the same. Participants will receive high quality, professional coaching by experienced coaches; stay in managed accommodation and play matches regularly.

Each course will also feature at least one trial match where a showcase match will be put on and scouts from around the country will attend to watch the game and select any talented young players that we have on show.

To provide premier training and development for all abilities Future Lions offers a suite of courses tailored to help individuals achieve their goals. Options include:

Future Lions Courses

4 week courses

A four-week course - a basic introduction and an opportunity to get a taste of the lifestyle of a full time footballer and sample some excellent coaching and opportunities

8 week courses

Our eight-week course is an extension of our introductory course however it offers more time and opportunities to increase exposure to clubs plus more time to develop as a footballer

20 week courses

Our 12, 18 and 20-week courses are aimed at people who are serious about finding a football club where they get weeks to work with fitness experts, pro coaches and play with our scholars in competitive matches providing an ideal an opportunity to be seen by scouts

1 year courses

Our one-year courses are aimed at those who want to study or think they need some time to develop before they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities available at the academy. We might also offer players who come on a short course a place on our one-year course if they prove they have the potential to excel!